2018 Potentate

Illustrious Sir Louis A. “Tunes” O’Neill

Monthly Message

Nobles, Illustrious Sirs, Friends, and Family:

David Daehnke, your Treasurer and Worshipful Master of Hawthorne Fortitude Lodge, posted the following message in his latest Trestleboard. It’s a compelling view of the kind of Freemason and Shriner we all should strive to emulate. Its subject, Howard (Howie) Albrecht had also been a noble of Salaam Shrine since June of 1972.

Let us all not forget who we are and why we are here. Our fellowship is based on fraternal love for one another, our family, and our philanthropy. A few years ago there was the popular phrase about “random acts of kindness”. Reach out this month to someone who can use a hand and help them. In the next 2 months, look for a couple of brothers and bring them to our Stated Session in September for fun and fellowship. Before the end of the year, please send a 5 or 10 dollar donation to our hospital. If we all contribute together, it becomes a large donation.

In closing, I hope you enjoy your summer. We have many events coming up so please check the calendar and read this newsletter. God Bless you all and have a safe summer!

Louis A. “Tunes” O’Neill



This past month I had to inter the ashes of Betty Albrecht, beloved wife of our dearly departed Brother RW Howie Albrecht. Their son Rick decided it was time to reunite their ashes. Rick looked at me and smiled, and I got an instant chill up my back and told him “You have a lot of your father in you, especially his smile”. I told him when I was considering being Master of Hawthorne Fortitude Lodge for the second time the voice I heard was his father telling me “The lodge needs you, you can do it”. Rick immediately said “Yep, that is exactly what my dad would have said!” I don’t think I’ve ever met a brother, nor will I ever meet another like Howie. Always with that smile on his face the second he walked into the lodge, you could see he was at home and with his brothers. Nothing that happened in the outside world was going to affect his attitude when he was in that building. I remember going over my ritual for the Fellowcraft exam and Howie, when I was done, said “you can have my chair now” (he was Master at the time). It was that small but enormous vote of confidence in me that has always been with me as I progressed through the chairs.

I told Rick how I wished that I could’ve cloned his father, because in my opinion, that is what our lodge, and Freemasonry in general, needs: that warm, smiling face; that brother who has not forgotten his obligations to Freemasonry and his brothers; always willing to help and be there if you needed anything, anything at all, even if it meant taking time away from something he was planning to do. Howie was a brother amongst brothers, and although it will be 8 years this July that he left this world, he did not leave us or Hawthorne Fortitude Lodge. He wants us to succeed as a lodge and as brothers, not for its’ “intrinsic worth or value”, but that we have a place for all brothers to associate and be happy with each other, a place where the outside world has no effect on our attitudes, and when we cross that threshold, the weight of the world is left at the door. I so desperately want this for our lodge, but brethren, I can’t do it myself. For a lodge to thrive, it will take ALL OF US, united as one, to make Hawthorne Fortitude great again. I’m asking for all brethren of this lodge to
rededicate themselves to our lodge and Freemasonry in memory of Howie. Will you join me?

David Daehnke, WM

Upcoming Events

Nothing from January 20, 2019 to March 21, 2019.