Appointed Divan

Appointed Divan:
Director General – Noble John Swauger (Lady Joan)
Deputy Director General – Noble Brian Cole
Assistant Director General – Noble Laurence “Larry” Frolow (Lady Miriam)
1st Ceremonial Master – Noble John Cataldo (Lady Carmela)
2nd Ceremonial Master – Noble Daniel Vitello
Director of Ritual Team – Noble David I. Steiner (Lady Maria)
Director of Ritual Team – Noble Gilbert “Gil” Maymon
Director of Ritual Team – Noble David W. Dowell (Lady Marie)
Marshal – Noble David Chabay (Lady Carol)
Captain of the Guard – Roy A. Herzfeld (Lady Claire)
Outer Guard – Noble Harry Worstell (Lady Diane)
Personal Aide Noble John L. Lenza (Lady Ellen)

Girard A. Pisauro, III, CPA

Noble Dennis Ritchie, Esq. (Lady Sharon)

Bar Committee:
Chairman – Ill. Sir Richard “Dick” L. Ash (Lady Delores)

Building & Grounds:
Chairman – Noble Gordon Fleming (Lady Susan)

Potentate’s Ball:

Noble Charles “Chuck” E. Willer

DeMolay Representative:
Noble Frank Williams (Lady Caitlin)

Donor Relations:
Chairman – Illus. Sir. Andrew Kuo, DDS (Lady Ellen)

Elections & Installations:
Chairman – Illus. Sir John B. Clyburn, Jr. (Lady Cathy)

Finance Committee:
Noble Christian Ossa (Lady Leslie)
Noble David Daehnke (Lady Kim)
Noble Chris Naum (Lady Sharon)
Noble Geoffrey Cleveland (Lady Joy)
Noble Robert Jaekel (Lady Sharon)

Fundraising Committee:
Fundraising Chairman – Noble Frank Williams (Lady Caitlin)
Co-Chairman at Large – Noble Dennis Ritchie, Esq. (Lady Sharon)
Co-Chairman – Manpower – Noble Brian Cole
Co-Chairman – Promotion & Public Relations – Noble Leonard “Lenny” Zwerver
(Lady Doris)

Grand Lodge Representative:
Noble Glenn Visscher (Lady Amy)

Hospital Visitation:
Coordinator – Noble Robert Howard Welch (Lady Tes)

Hospitality Committee:
Noble Joshua Katzenstein
Noble Brian Cole
Noble John Cataldo (Lady Carmela)
Noble Daniel Vitello

Housing Committee:
Chairman – Noble Laurence “Larry” Frolow (Lady Miriam)

Insurance Advisory Committee:
Chairman – Noble Dennis Ritchie, Esq (Lady Sharon)

Noble David Chabay (Lady Carol)

Membership Committee:
Chairman – Noble Brian Cole
Co-Chairman – Noble Joshua I. Katzenstein
Co-Chairman – Recruitment – Noble John Cataldo (Lady Carmela)
Co-Chairman – Retention – Noble Robert H. Welch (Lady Tes)
Co-Chairman – Restoration – Noble Leonard “Lenny” Zwerver (Lady Doris)

Public Awareness Committee:
Chairman –Noble Barry Gould (Lady Lisa)

Salaam Shrine News:
Photographer – Noble Tom Murphy (Lady Ellie)
Assistant Photographer – Noble Antonio “Tony” Abano

Social Media Committee:
Chairman – Illustrious Sir Joseph M. Hummel (Lady Veronica)

Transportation Committee:
Chairman – Noble Gordon Fleming (Lady Susan)