Appointed Divan

Appointed Divan:
Director General – Noble John Swauger (Lady Joan)
Deputy Director General – Noble Brian Cole
Assistant Director General – Noble Laurence “Larry” Frolow (Lady Miriam)
1st Ceremonial Master – Noble John Cataldo (Lady Carmela)
2nd Ceremonial Master – Noble Daniel Vitello
Director of Ritual Team – Noble David I. Steiner (Lady Maria)
Director of Ritual Team – Noble Gilbert “Gil” Maymon
Marshal – Noble David Chabay (Lady Carol)
Captain of the Guard – Roy A. Herzfeld (Lady Claire)
Outer Guard – Noble Harry Worstell (Lady Diane)
Add Personal Aide Noble John L. Lenza (Lady Ellen)
Director of Ritual Noble David W. Dowell (Lady Marie)

Girard A. Pisauro, III, CPA

Noble Dennis Ritchie, Esq. (Lady Sharon)

Bar Committee:
Chairman – Ill. Sir Richard “Dick” L. Ash (Lady Delores)

Building & Grounds:
Chairman – Noble Gordon Fleming (Lady Susan)

Potentate’s Ball:

Noble Charles “Chuck” E. Willer

DeMolay Representative:
Noble Frank Williams (Lady Caitlin)

Donor Relations:
Chairman – Illus. Sir. Andrew Kuo, DDS (Lady Ellen)

Elections & Installations:
Chairman – Illus. Sir John B. Clyburn, Jr. (Lady Cathy)

Finance Committee:
Noble Christian Ossa (Lady Leslie)
Noble David Daehnke (Lady Kim)
Noble Chris Naum (Lady Sharon)
Noble Geoffrey Cleveland (Lady Joy)
Noble Robert Jaekel (Lady Sharon)

Fundraising Committee:
Fundraising Chairman – Noble Frank Williams (Lady Caitlin)
Co-Chairman at Large – Noble Dennis Ritchie, Esq. (Lady Sharon)
Co-Chairman – Manpower – Noble Brian Cole
Co-Chairman – Promotion & Public Relations – Noble Leonard “Lenny” Zwerver
(Lady Doris)

Grand Lodge Representative:
Noble Glenn Visscher (Lady Amy)

Hospital Visitation:
Coordinator – Noble Robert Howard Welch (Lady Tes)

Hospitality Committee:
Noble Joshua Katzenstein
Noble Brian Cole
Noble John Cataldo (Lady Carmela)
Noble Daniel Vitello

Housing Committee:
Chairman – Noble Laurence “Larry” Frolow (Lady Miriam)

Insurance Advisory Committee:
Chairman – Noble Dennis Ritchie, Esq (Lady Sharon)

Noble David Chabay (Lady Carol)

Membership Committee:
Chairman – Noble Brian Cole
Co-Chairman – Noble Joshua I. Katzenstein
Co-Chairman – Recruitment – Noble John Cataldo (Lady Carmela)
Co-Chairman – Retention – Noble Robert H. Welch (Lady Tes)
Co-Chairman – Restoration – Noble Leonard “Lenny” Zwerver (Lady Doris)

Public Awareness Committee:
Chairman –Noble Barry Gould (Lady Lisa)

Salaam Shrine News:
Photographer – Noble Tom Murphy (Lady Ellie)
Assistant Photographer – Noble Antonio “Tony” Abano

Social Media Committee:
Chairman – Illustrious Sir Joseph M. Hummel (Lady Veronica)

Transportation Committee:
Chairman – Noble Gordon Fleming (Lady Susan)